Teenager & Laptop

Survival tips for stressed parents

Parenting teenagers can be very challenging and the family home can seem like a battleground at times. Parents often feel like they are ‘walking on eggshells’ to try and keep the peace. 

To create more harmony, try:

  • Picking your battles – Be firm on important issues and try to let smaller ones go
  • Keeping your cool – Role model keeping a cool head and taking time out if you feel angry
  • Giving some space and privacy – It’s normal for adolescents to want more privacy or time just with their peers. Try not to take these changes personally.

Arguments over screen time?

Lots of parents worry about how much time their teen is spending online. We can help you to promote a safe and balanced approach to technology by:

  • Having an ‘open door’ policy in bedrooms so that there is greater openness around online activity
  • Establishing screen free times throughout the day for everyone in the family such as during meals and at least 45 minutes before bed
  • Encouraging other sources of recreation and downtime including physical activity, reading and social time with family and friends

‘I’m worried about my teen …”

It’s normal for teens to have worries and to talk less to their parents. Sometimes, however, parents feel that there is something more going on than just teenage ‘angst’. If you suspect your teen is struggling, call us for a chat. We can help you clarify your concerns and if necessary, find the best ongoing support for your family.

Parent Line counsellors can help parents and carers with:


  • Baby and toddler care
  • Support and ideas to have challenging conversations with children
  • Ideas to improve self-care for parents and carers
  • Strategies to support positive parent-child relationships
  • Managing child care, school and other transitions
  • Strategies to manage behaviours such as technology use and study issues
  • Finding specialist supports for parents, carers and children no matter where you live in NSW