Mum & Toddler Daughter

Do you react or respond to your kids?

Reacting means that you meet your child’s emotionally-charged behaviour with your own emotionally-charged reply. They are yelling, so you enter the conversation by yelling.

Responding, on the other hand, gives your child permission to express their big emotions, ideas and feelings without criticism, shame or guilt. If your child is upset because something doesn’t seem fair, you let them be frustrated and express empathy.

Parent Line counsellors can help parents and carers with:


  • Baby and toddler care
  • Support and ideas to have challenging conversations with children
  • Ideas to improve self-care for parents and carers
  • Strategies to support positive parent-child relationships
  • Managing child care, school and other transitions
  • Strategies to manage behaviours such as technology use and study issues
  • Finding specialist supports for parents, carers and children no matter where you live in NSW