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There are dozens of parenting courses available in Australia and internationally. It can be difficult for parents to know where to start.

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Choosing A Parenting Course

When choosing a parenting course, it may help to consider the following:

Is it age appropriate? Some courses are designed for parents of children at any age, while others are intended for a particular age group.

Is it effective? Good parenting programs will be backed by research showing that parents who participate are likely to have positive outcomes.

Is it provided by a trained professional and/or a reputable organisation?  Most good quality programs require facilitators to be trained and sometimes accredited before training parents. These workers can be private practitioners (usually fee for service) or work for a community or government organisation (often free or low cost).

How is it offered? Parenting programs are commonly offered in groups, but may also be available one-on-one, online, in a clinic or at home. Some professionals only need to work with one or both parents, while other programs include time spent with the children or observing the family.

What is the underlying philosophy or approach of the program? Some parenting programs are based on a democratic approach to managing families, while others advocate an approach where the parent is in control. Some focus on the parent-child attachment relationship, and others have a more behaviour based approach. If you have a choice of programs, choose one that feels right for you. Parent training that aligns with your own parenting values is more likely to have successful outcomes.

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