Japanese Dad & Daughter

Parenting in Australia for parents from culturally diverse backgrounds

Parenting across different cultures is very common in Australia with about one in four parents born overseas.

Parenting in Australia can be hard…

As a parent, our cultural background shapes our values, practices and beliefs which can be really tricky when parenting in Australia. 

Parents from diverse cultural backgrounds may notice differences in:

  • how much freedom children are given
  • how much supervision of children is expected
  • how parents show affection
  • attitudes and laws in relation to physical discipline of children
  • expectations regarding children’s behaviour and responsibilities towards their family or community

Raising children in Australia presents extra challenges when much of your family support live overseas. Pressures such as feeling isolated, financial stress and dealing with complex Australian systems such as schools, health and income support can make parenting even harder. Relationships between parents and children can also be affected by cultural and generational differences.

How Parent Line can help:

Parent Line counsellors are experienced in providing counselling and support to parents from diverse cultural backgrounds. They understand the challenges (and joys) of parenting across different cultures.

Parent Line counsellors:

  • can speak to you through a telephone interpreting service so that you can speak to us in your own language
  • will listen to your concerns
  • answer any parenting questions
  • help improve your relationship with your children
  • can put you in contact with local support services if you need help for your family

An interpreter service is available to callers at no cost. Simply call us on 1300 1300 52.

Parent Line counsellors can help parents and carers with:


  • Baby and toddler care
  • Support and ideas to have challenging conversations with children
  • Ideas to improve self-care for parents and carers
  • Strategies to support positive parent-child relationships
  • Managing child care, school and other transitions
  • Strategies to manage behaviours such as technology use and study issues
  • Finding specialist supports for parents, carers and children no matter where you live in NSW