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Terrific Toddlers

Parenting a toddler takes a lot of energy and patience as they can move from delightful to explosive in a matter of seconds. This is a period of rapid development where toddlers begin to experiment with asserting their needs and grappling with big emotions when things don’t go their way. 

Tantrums are often the result of frustration around not having the words to express these big emotions and the best way for parents to respond is to stay calm and help their toddler put words to what they are feeling, “It’s upsetting when you have to leave the park and want to keep playing, isn’t it?’

Some other strategies to keep in mind for parenting toddlers:

  • Spend time immersed in play together without distraction; follow your child’s lead.
  • Resist making meal time a battle as toddlers are often fussy eaters. Offer small healthy snacks over big meals and pack food away calmly if they are not interested.
  • Create a safe, contained and predictable environment for them to grow with firm but flexible routines.

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More Advice + Tips

Some of the top concerns parents with toddlers or preschoolers call us about are:


  • Toilet training
  • Managing tantrums
  • Transitioning to childcare
  • Maintaining healthy family relationships
  • Managing parent stress
  • Issues with sleep
  • Concerns for their child’s development